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Sixers (Finally) Going Retro?

Jan 23, 2009, 8:12 PM EDT

Sixers fans in the stands, in local bars, on blogs and message boards for years have been clamoring for the team to go back to an old school look with their uniforms. Block letters with either SIXERS or PHILA in an arc over plain classic numbers… so perfect.

Now, it seems the team has heard the wishes of the fans, and they're willing to oblige. Ricky from Sixers4Guidos, an Italian blog devoted to the Sixers, reports that [Lara] Price of the Sixers told a group of season ticket holders that the team will return to the old logo and the look of their 1982-1983 uniforms (white/home, red/away) starting next season. No official confirmation from the team yet.

Is this not the best Sixers-related news you've heard in years? As Ricky points out, it's great to see the Sixers continue to respond to the desires of the fans, which they reportedly acknowledged in the announcement. Anyone at the event and want to weigh in/confirm?