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Sixers Get Bounced: Hit the Links

May 3, 2005, 10:56 PM EDT

Korvergolf_1Kyle Korver needs to work on his short game, and he will have all off season to do just that.

The Sixers got bounced from the playoffs tonight by the Pistons.  There were some positives and negatives which came out of this series.

Positives: Andre Iguodala can flat out play, we saw this progression all season long, but he continued to impress in the playoffs.  Sammy D. has come a long way and put up a very valiant effort against Rasheed Wallace and the Pistons.  Willie Green showed he can contribute in the NBA.  Allen Iverson showed he is still a warrior, and can defeat any team when he is on his game.  Chris Webber even hit some shots.

Negatives: Jim O’brien is the Sixers coach.  I am of the opinion that O’brien is an average coach at best and the Sixers will never really make any noise while he is on the bench.

Hey, the Sixers made the playoffs this year, something they failed to do last year.  All we can hope for is they can build on that.  Iggy, Sammy D., Willie Green, and even Kyle Korver give us some hope for the future.  Until next year..

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