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Sixers handle Kobe, 108-91

Mar 16, 2005, 12:04 AM EDT

Kobe Bryant came to Philly and got booed, then proceeded to get blown out.  Mr. Bryant thinks that "In Philadelphia, if they boo you, they love you."  Don’t think we forget when you said Philadelphia is not your home during the finals run against the Sixers a few years ago.  Maybe you should go back to Italy, Kobe, because you don’t seem to understand English very well, at least not the South Philly dialect.

KobeiggyAndre Iguodala had another nasty alley-oop from C-Webb.  If you watch any Sixers game, you are almost guaranteed a nice highlight from Iggy.

A.I. bounced back from a horrible game against Toronto to put up 33, making 13 free throws without a miss.  The Sixers never really had a tough go of it against the Lakers and won an easy one.

The Sixers still have a lot of work to do if they want to make the playoffs, but their defense was much improved over the embarrassing performance over the weekend against Toronto.

After the game Allen Iverson had ex-rays and may have chipped a bone in his finger.  Details to follow.