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Sixers Top Pick Jrue Holiday Explains the Story Behind His Name

Jul 23, 2009, 3:45 PM EDT

JrueHolidaySixers The Sixers, continuing their effort to build an impressive digital presence, held a live chat this afternoon with 17th overall pick in the 2009 NBA draft Jrue Holiday. My streak of getting questions through to Philly athletes in chat rooms increased to a perfect two for two (you may remember my question asking Shane Victorino about his favorite Spam sushi) as Jrue answered my curious question about the origins of his first name.

From the Sixers live chat:

[Comment From Enrico from The700Level]
Jrue, welcome to Philly. Before fans will really get a chance to notice
your game, the first thing we notice is your name. Is there a fun story
behind the unique spelling?

Jrue: My
mom and my mom's sister were on a kick with J names … my cousins
names are Jessica, Jenna, Jade, Jaelyn and James. My oldest brother
is Justin and my name is Jrue (my mom liked the name Dru, but wanted to
figure out how to keep with the J theme). After me though, that kinda
ended, because my sister is Lauren and brother is Aaron.

Let's just be glad his mother didn't decide to name him "Jenrico."

Jrue will be throwing out the first pitch at the Phillies game this evening against the Padres at Citizens Bank Park, "…going to batting practice, the whole thing. Now, my pitching isn't as good as my jumper, so take it easy on me!"

Welcome to Philly, Jrue. Hopefully, on a post Andre Miller Sixers squad, you can turn into the top level point guard this team has been craving.