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Skinny Joey v. Tony Soprano

May 4, 2006, 10:17 AM EDT

Tony_s_1 The Sopranos series will be coming to an end after this season but you will be able to keep on living the mobster dream in a new video game that is currently in production.

Set after the events of Season 5, the game’s original story pits The Sopranos Family against a new rival crime family in Philadelphia, rather than a New York family from the TV series. Zlotnick said the action, vibe and tone in the game follow the natural progression of the show, so players will unquestionably feel that they are in "The Sopranos" world.

Perhaps the best line of the whole article:

"…players will be able to break arms, slams heads into walls, and cause cosmetic and "performance" damage to their opponents, as well as use firearms when you have no other choice."

Video games don’t teach kids to be violent, they teach them to problem solve.