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Soccer Photo: It’s Not All Diving…

Apr 16, 2010, 8:26 AM EDT

In last night's 2-1 Union loss to Toronto FC, which we'll cover in greater detail later today, there was a fair amount of theatrical diving and writhing going on. It's part of the game, something newcomers to the sport will have to get used to seeing, but there was also quite a bit of real nasty contact. A few hard tackles resulted in yellow cards to both sides, and then of course there was Danny Califf's red card–drawing elbow. And there was this:BloodyEighteen-year-old Amadou Sanyang took an elbow from a teammate who was trying to head a ball past Union keeper Chris Seitz, and went down in a heap. My friends and I, thinking he was hamming up contact to draw a penalty kick, immediately shouted for him to get up, expletive. Then the frame panned to the above shot… Yeah, that one might have been legit.