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Spadaro on Owens

Jul 21, 2005, 9:38 AM EDT

I feel like Dave Spadaro is hit or miss, but it is hard to argue he has some insider information on almost everything Eagles.  I think his job would be rather fun.  He basically blogs about the Eagles, but a bit more professionally.  He also seems to have the most access of any media person ever.  So he tends to know what he is talking about.  Spadaro today on the Owens "non-story":

This is absolutely one of the most disappointing stories I’ve ever witnessed. A player who came to Philadelphia, who begged to come to Philadelphia, who everybody wanted to come to Philadelphia came to Philadelphia and enjoyed one of the most glorious seasons in the history of this franchise and this wonderful sports city.

And now he’s just messing it all up.

Why? What for? This is a non-story from every angle except from the Owens camp. The Eagles aren’t going to give the guy a new contract. I will tell you this — and this is my opinion and maybe I get fired over saying this — but I truly believe this: The Eagles would rather go 0-16 than yield to Owens in this situation.