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Struggling Sixers Drop Another To New Orleans, 98-91

Mar 3, 2009, 2:43 AM EDT

The Sixers have the next four days off, perhaps they'll use it to practice. Or drink some Mt. Dew or something and get aggressive!

They were one of the hottest teams heading into the All Star Break but since little Nate Robinson jumped over Superman in Phoenix, the Sixers have dropped six of their last eight. Tony DiLeo says they haven't been aggressive enough on either side of the ball. He also mentions they can't have a large margin of error and still win games. Well they erred last night in failing to defend the three well, costing them a game.

While I don't think this team is totally unwatchable, I'm starting to lean slightly towards those sentiments. I'd say at this point fans have minimal to zero expectations for this season, which raises the age-old question of what good losing to Boston, the team they'd face now as the seven seed, in the playoffs would do?

Since the Sixers lost, here is something fun instead:

The highlights of the night came out of Miami where LeBron James's 40+ out-dueled D-Wade's 40+. Peep the slam at the end.