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Terry Adams.. Sucks.

May 24, 2005, 7:49 PM EDT


Thankfully he was fired, or "designated for assignment" as they like to put it.  Man, he was bad, and not just kind of bad, he was horrid.  The Phillies brought up Amaury Telemaco who spent most of last season on the squad and appearing in 42 games totaled an ERA of 4.31.  Terry Adams ERA was 8.42 Earned Runs per game HIGHER than that this year at a whopping 12.83.  That is a bad ERA.  Bad. Bad. Bad.


Mocheeks_1On my drive home from work today I heard Billy King relay a quote from Sixers’ legend Billy Cunningham.  Billy said that Mo Cheeks was the smartest player he had ever known (paraphrased).  That is a heck of a compliment.  After a day to ponder it, I give the move 9 Level beers out of 10.  Do you like that rating system?  I just made it up.  Man, I’m creative.