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Texans Running Back Arian Foster: Poet

Feb 1, 2010, 5:09 PM EDT

After finishing up our discussion of the Eagles game tomorrow night with Houston Texans blogger Stephanie Stradley, we ended up talking about how the Birds could have their hands full with Arian Foster. We've all seen what kind of damage he can do on the football field, but it turns out the young stud running back was a philosophy major in college and likes to dabble in poetry writing.

Texans Chick got an exlusive look at some of his poetry, which we'll excerpt the beggining of here:

I miss you like the sun rise
by Arian Foster

I miss you like the sun rise
Winter nights became reality's home,
Snow men stand here like soldiers of Rome,
My tears freeze before they kiss the wind,
I think of warmth and miss you then,

We won't spoil it all for you, so you can read the entire poem here.

Sometimes it pays to brush up with the enemy so you can learn fun nuggets like that. I'm sure Level commenters can come up with a few quality haiku about tomorrow night's game against the Texans.