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Thaddeus Young, Forward, Georgia Tech, 12th Overall to Philadelphia

Jun 28, 2007, 8:53 PM EDT

ESPN’s notes on him:

Positives: Long forward who has what Bill Simmons likes to call
"nuclear athleticism." He’s almost impossible to stop in the open
court. The lefty is unusually quick for his size meaning he can take
his guy off the dribble and guard just about everyone but centers on
the floor. His super long arms means he plays bigger than he looks.
Excellent passer. His perimeter game is still developing, but it’s not
bad. Young is another great kid. He’s a hard worker and gets great

Negatives: What position does he play? Scouts see him as a bit
of tweener. He needs to add another 15 to 20 pounds of muscle. He’s
very thin and can get pushed around. A little too perimeter oriented
for his size and his lack of a consistent jump shot at the moment.
Can’t go right.

Summary: Young is another big-time prospect whose upside is only
limited by questions about position and strength and body development
issues. He’s had a solid freshman season for Georgia Tech, but most of
his draft stock has to do with upside. He’s a late lottery to mid first
round selection.

At least we can make up a nice nickname for the guy, that is if you think Thad-Yo is a good nickname.

Sal Palantonio reported that Billy King was trying feverishly to move up into the top 10, specifically talking to the Bucks at six, but were unable to get any moves done.  Thaddeus Young, people, what think you?  I can’t say I’ve seen much of his game.

So does anyone else think that the NBA looks awesome in all of these promo commercials and the NBA Live video game?  Man, the NBA must be awesome lately.  We all probably never realized because we weren’t watching.