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The Azzurri Prevail

Jul 9, 2006, 10:34 PM EDT

TreviThose Italians sure know how to party.  As I mentioned at the start of the World Cup, I’m no Soccer expert but the finale of this year’s world spectacle proved to be as entertaining as one could hope for.  Sure, watching the champions of the world being crowned based on penalty kicks seems a bit of a coin flip, but it is nail biting entertainment at it’s finest.  Zidane didn’t go out as a mythical legend but rather a ostensible classless loser.  It’s been said that Zidane has a past which includes racial issues, so I wouldn’t be surprised if his outburst was spurred by something of this unfortunate sort.

Congratulations to Italia, World Champions.

What would the U.S. equivalent be of the Italians partying IN the Trevi Fountain?  At Pisa.  At the Colosseum.  In Florence. 

I’d settle for just a little party on Broad Street.


Pictures from Yahoo.

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