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The Broad & Pattison SEPTA Stop Branding as AT&T Station Is Now Complete

Sep 17, 2010, 5:46 PM EDT


We knew the branding of the Broad and Pattison SEPTA stop was coming for a few months now, and signs started to pop up a few weeks ago, but the actual stop at the famous South Philly corner had remained virtually unchanged. That has now changed. I pulled off the Broad Street exit of I-95 North this afternoon when the AT&T branding became entirely visible and impossible to miss.

Literally anyone passing through the South Philadelphia sports complex will now assuredly see the AT&T signage. I'm sure they did all sorts of eyeball-value calculations, but it appears they got their $3 million worth. [more photos below]

All four of the seperate entrances have been fully branded with bright orange tops with the AT&T logo at one end and the text "AT&T Station" on the other.




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