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The Chelios Affair

Feb 6, 2008, 11:39 AM EDT

Tonight, the Flyers will induct goalie Ron Hextall into the team’s Hall of Fame. We’re celebrating by sharing some of the more colorful highlights from Hexy’s career throughout the day.

Clearly one of the most widely discussed moments in Ron Hextall’s career was when he took the law into his own hands, attacking Chris Chelios, then of Montreal, though still miraculously in the league. Earlier in the playoff series, Chelios had laid a dirty hit on Brian Propp, leaving the Flyer great with a concussion. Hexy said, "Not in my house."  Brawlarity ensued, naturally.

My favorite part is definitely when he throws the blocker at Chelios
after he’s been peeled off of him. I will never forget that.