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The Most Shocking 2010 Philly Sports Story

Feb 28, 2010, 1:40 PM EDT

The 2010 calendar year is winding to a close and with it another fantastic 365 days in Philly sports memories is in the books. From the Flyers amazing run at a Cup, Roy Halladay being perfect, to the Mike Vick resurgence, it's been a year, not only of amazing play, but also shocking developments even the most savvy of Philly sports fans didn't see coming.

The Candidates

6a00d83451af4b69e20133f5880229970b-800wi 1.) Donovan McNabb gets traded on Easter to NFC East rival

This one didn't come out of left field exactly. Rumors of McNabb being dealt from the Birds to give his heir apparent Kevin Kolb the starting job had been building to "epic levels" in the weeks before the trade. What made this one so shocking was the fact that our franchise QB was dealt within the division to the Washington Redskins. This led to a plethora of comments such as "Why would they trade him within the division??????? Idiots."

Literally the first 10 or so comments on the McNabb trade post were blasting the Eagles front office for the move. "I just threw up" was a popular response. In the end though, months later, I'd say the Birds look okay on this one in retrospect. Still, it was certainly a bit shocking to see our guy go out like that.

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Happy Trails, Five. Just Not Too Happy.


400_cp24_flyers_bruins_100514 2.) Flyers mount epic comeback from being down 3-0 to Boston in NHL playoffs

No one had given up, not the fans nor the team. But being down 3-0 in a best of seven series, as well as down 3-0 in game seven, seemed almost insurmountable. Peter Laviolette called a timeout—The Timeout—and righted his team's ship. The Flyers would go on to shock the Bruins and the hockey world by climbing out of the series hole and the game seven deficit, winning what could go on to be one of the most memorable games in franchise history. It was another reminder that few things in sports are as impossible as they seem, and a comeback win can be more enjoyable than a blowout.

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Photo Finish: Gagne's Goal Saves Flyers Series

6a00d83451af4b69e201348903d203970c-500wi 3.) Andy Reid names Michael Vick the starting quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles

Looking back at this one today, it certainly appears to be the least shocking of the bunch, but at the time Andy Reid made the decision to go with Michael Vick as his starting quarterback it was a gigantic turn of events. Mostly because just days prior, Reid himself said the job was Kevin Kolb's. I remember this one pretty vividly too because I was sitting in the pressbox at Citizens Bank Park getting ready to watch a Phillies game when news of the move to make Vick the starting quarterback broke on Twitter. Even the media was shocked to hear Andy's change of heart.

The comments at the time were certainly mixed, but many supported the move to Vick. I'd say Andy's decision worked pretty well.

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6a00d83451af4b69e20147e0ab7b00970b-800wi 4.) Cliff Lee returns

That Monday was pretty wild. I'll certainly always remember where I was the day the Phillies brought back Cliff Lee. Sitting on my couch, refreshing Twitter like a mad man for hours and hours, each time my emotions being toyed with. From early in the day when a mystery team popped up, all of us experts were poo-pooing the notion of the Phillies even having a chance. "There's no way. The Internet is stupid." "Whoa, apparently the Yankees think they're out of it." "Whoaaaa. Apparently Lee really wants to come back to Philly. His wife hated NYC, loved it here. But they still can't afford a crazy contract like that." "Hmm, Sully says it's still a long shot, but admits Lee is a different kind of cat.'"OMG a Texas beat writer for just said Cliff told the Rangers he's coming back to Philly!??!$%&^*@!!!" to "IT'S ON THE PHILLIES WEBSITE!"

It was truly a remarkable chain of events, eventually leading to Cliff signing with the Phillies and Mrs. Lee praising our fine city. Take that, New York. We'll have our Cliff Lee eggs and eat it too.

Reading through the comments on the Cliff Lee deal post is like reliving the best Christmas you ever had as a child.

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6a00d83451af4b69e20147e0db50c5970b-500wi 5.) The Miracle at the New Meadowlands

Simply put, one of the most amazing comebacks most of us will ever see. That ended on a DeSean Jackson punt return for a touchdown taboot. Just listen to Merrill. Pure joy. My dad's wrist watch broke from the strength of our high five after DJacc went off. 

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Honorable mentions shockers: Scottie Reynolds benched for start of Nova first-round NCAA game after some rumored crap with Corey Fisher. Sixers landing the No. 2 pick in the lottery was pretty shocking. As was Evan Turner's miserable Orlando summer performance.

What do you think was the most shocking moment/development/play in Philly sports this year? VOTE:

Okay, and let's be honest: the most shocking Philly sports story of 2010 was clearly Taser Boy. Shocked like whoa.

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