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The Only Way Is Up: Sixers Look to Bounce Back from Soul-Crushing Excoriation

Feb 22, 2010, 5:49 PM EDT

Celtics-Dancers And things were looking so up for the Sixers just 24 hours ago. John Hollinger of ESPN had been writing that the Sixers might have, against all appearances, actually been a top ten team in the league, while Kevin Pelton had been raving about their improved defense and newfound playoff chances. After last night's game against the Bulls–which went badly, if you haven't heard–Rob Mahoney is now writing about how the team's hot streak was hollow and now the reality about team's miserable future is going to be hard to ignore. Funny how losing by 45 points to an undermanned team changes one's short-term outlook.

The good news? Tonight the Sixers get to face the Celtics in Boston, looking to win their 14th game in a row. Hands up if you're feeling a bounceback game!

Maybe the Sixers will get up for this one a little more, given the most recent history between the two teams. In arguably the worst of the team's many bad end-of-game losses this season, the Liberty Ballers blew a one-point lead against the C's as Kevin Garnett leaked out for a largely-uncontested layup in the game's closing seconds. Will it be enough to spur the boys to an upset of the best team in the NBA, on the road, after getting their hearts and gentials cruelly ripped out by a starting lineup that included 38-year-old Kurt Thomas? Yes. Absolutely. Book it. You heard it here first. 

7:30 tip from the Not-Garden. Last one before the holidays, so get your fix in now, lest you spend your entire Christmas season fretting about how Evan Turner can possibly one-up his 2-11, six-point effort last night. Good question.