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The Paper of Record Weighs in on J.Roll (a.k.a., The Oracle of Adelphia)

Feb 21, 2008, 1:57 PM EDT

It’s February 21st and ass cold in Philly, with a winter storm on its way. And yet, we’ve already got baseball fever. Who do we have to thank for this? That’s right… Jimmy. After backing up his bold statements last season by leading the Phils to a division championship and netting an MVP along the way, Rollins isn’t backing down this year, and he’s already at the center of the frenzy.

Even the New York Times is taking its turn painting him with a Shea-biased brush:

One-upping the Mets has become increasingly delicious for Rollins, an
ever-grinning, hip-hop-loving chatterbox who unabashedly considers his
game’s style inseparable from its substance. Wearing diamond earrings
the size of lima beans and jeans so baggy they could fit a family of
four, Rollins did not just predict that the Phillies would repeat as
the division champions this season, but said they could win 100 games
in the process.

Ol’ hip-hop lovin’ Rollins with those newfangled baggy pants and all that blingy bling!

The article does concede that after making his declaration last spring, Rollins went on to post record-setting seasons and play some out-of-his-mind baseball, but as TheKrisheim pointed out when he sent this our way, the author is also clearly doing his part to stir up the anti-Phillies/Rollins sentiment (we’d know nothing about that sort of tactic). And just for good measure, click here.

>>The Oracle of the Phillies Has the Last Words [New York Times]

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