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The People’s Paper, But New York

May 29, 2006, 11:02 PM EDT

The Sunday edition of The New York Daily News did a piece contrasting Philadelphia fans’ love affair with Sal Fasano and New Yorkers often unstable relationship with reigning MVP Alex Rodriguez.  Jesse Spector, a sports writer for the Daily News, asked me a few questions about Philly’s somewhat random penchant for the back up catcher.  Head on over to The New York Daily News website and check out the article.  The 700 Level was mentioned and I was quoted directly.  Also quoted is one of the founders of Sal’s Pal’s, Tom Dudzic, who sent in a few photos to The 700 Level last month.

-Who wants to be an MVP? Phillies role player has one thing A-Rod doesn’t: Respect. [New York Daily News, 05/28/2006]

"Fans can relate to a guy who looks like your local bartender much more
than a guy who appears on the cover of GQ," says Enrico Campitelli of
The 700 Level. "I think salary is also a factor. When a player makes
A-Rod money, fans can’t relate to that world. Sal signed with the
Phillies as a cheap role player and A-Rod was dealt to the Yankees as
the most expensive hired gun in all of sports. There was no way he
could ever live up to his paycheck."

"The expectations that he has doesn’t even compare to what I have,"
Fasano says. "I make just above the minimum. He makes a quarter of a
billion dollars. What are you getting for your money? You’re getting a
guy who should be the best in baseball, and he is. I’m really just a
backup. I believe I can play every day, but I could never put up A-Rod

What Fasano can do, though, and what he has done, in making a
connection with the fans of his city, is something that A-Rod might
give up millions to be able to do.

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