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The Phillies Sucked Last Night

Apr 19, 2005, 11:10 PM EDT

Dsc00659a_1I attended my second Phillies game in as many nights, but the outcome tonight was insanely different from the Phillies win Monday.

The game was out of control early on in this one, for the full game comments by Phillies and Mets fans check out Balls, Sticks, and Stuff.

Padilla never had any sort of stuff; he was horribly rusty and allowed the Mets to set team records with home runs.  If you watch Piazza’s BOMB to left center field you can see me in the shot.  I was to the back right of the fan who got the ball.  That was about the most entertaining thing I saw all night.

I did try out the new "Hoagies" spot which was formerly the Phanatic food stand.  I ate a half of both an Italian and "Soprano" hoagie.  Both get good grades despite the high prices.

I am of the opinion you can’t beat a $12 ticket and wander the Park.  I spent a good portion of the game at the top deck of Harry the K’s which is now an open bar setup.  We had a great seat on the rail.  Great site lines.  Pictures in the Photo Album.