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The Sports Guy on A.I.

Jul 7, 2006, 1:42 PM EDT

IversonFrom his "untouchable list" of guys who are most valuable in the NBA:

24. Allen Iverson
A future Hall of Famer who averaged 33 a game is currently available
… and not only do none of the contenders seem to be interested (not
even the Bulls, who would have been perfect for him), but the guy
shopping him is Billy King, who would have easily clinched "Worst GM of
the decade" honors if Isiah Thomas and Kevin McHale never passed
through our lives.
Is anyone else terrified right now? We could be
heading for the sequel of the Barkley-for-Hornacek/Perry/Lang trade
here, right down to the poor Sixers fans being involved again.
(Here’s a prediction: Within the next 15 years, Philadelphia
becomes the first city to ban professional sports for an entire
calendar year to preserve everyone’s collective safety.
We’re really
getting to that danger point. Hooligans, rioting, you name it.)

Oh come on Mr. Simmons.  He does make very valid points though.  Billy King is the GM of the Sixers.  That is all.

-NBA Trade Value Index [Page2]

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