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The Ultimate Tail Gate Beer

Apr 25, 2006, 12:18 AM EDT

Miller_lite_24_oz_canYou know how it usually goes: your friend Sid is running late from his bank teller job and forgets to buy ice for the 30 pack you are going to chug before you go into the Phillies game in the 5th inning.  Your other buddy Birdshit only has 3 dollars and the free tickets his friend’s Dad gave him, and he is lost somewhere in Lancaster, but tells you he is just getting on 95, so him picking up a bag of ice is out of the question.  Somewhere around your 6th beer you start to get perturbed that you are drinking a piss warm Coors Light.  Your other buddy Scott is pissed off you didn’t buy Bud Diesels in the first place and everyone is in a pretty shitty mood because the Phils just dropped another series to the Nationals, your friend Frank’s woman won’t even let him go to a game anymore, and Wheels won’t stop telling us how Ryan Howard needs to look for something more middle-in.

But alas!  All of the worlds problems can be solved with a beer can that can cool itself!  Scott may still be a little pissy that he has to drink Miller Lite, but we all know all light beers taste the same anyway.

-Miller to Sell Self-Cooling Cans [Gizmodo]