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Those Roids Are Good

May 8, 2006, 12:54 AM EDT

Asterisk"It’s big. It’s really,
really big.
" -Barry Bonds, not commenting on his head, but rather on his pursuit of the Babe.

713 was a moon shot.  As the guy sitting in front of me at the game tonight said, I’ll tell my grand kids I was there to see Bonds hit number 713 some day.  ESPN has video of the blast.

It was a perfect weekend in South Philly for baseball.  The Phillies hot winning streak, coupled with Bonds pursuit of history, provided a great buzz all weekend.  I sat in the first row in left center Friday night, directly behind behind Bonds and the fans were pretty brutal at times.  The Ruth sign was perhaps one of the best signs I’ve seen at a sporting event.  It is perfectly tasteful and yet extremely creative and witty.  Good work Philly. 

It was a pretty great weekend.  3 nights of perfect weather, 2 free tickets, 44,364 boos, 4 dollar dogs, 3 bags of peanuts, a Schmitter, a disappointing funnel cake, 1 Bonds homer, and perhaps the most surprising thing of the weekend: 3 Phillies wins.

I’m curious as to how the broadcast on ESPN portrayed the game/fans?

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