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Tina Fey Represents The 215 On 30 Rock, Throws Snowball at Alec Baldwin

Mar 22, 2010, 9:50 AM EDT

TinaFeySnowball30Rock Typically, when you pack every negative cliche about Philadelphia sports fans into about thirty seconds, it's tiresome and trite, but when Tina Fey does it, well, it's adorable. [video below]

I'd have to agree with Mr. Baldwin's character, Kabletown appears to be a fine company to get acquired by. Although with his constant belittling of the fine city of Philadelphia, he must clearly have no relation to Tim of the Delco Donaghys. Upstanding representatives of Philly, all of them.

Look for Tina's outburst about 45 seconds in.

Our apologies if we're a few days late with this one. Can't say I spent much time with my DVR while down in Florida.