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To Boo or Not to Boo?

Aug 26, 2005, 1:20 AM EDT

Terrelljesus3Today marks the second coming of Terrell.  The trash has been talked.  The contract has not been changed and all that is left to do is play some football.  At least for roughly half of a preseason game.  My question to you: Do you boo Mr. Owens when he makes his first play?

I believe the Philly faithful in attendance tonight will boo T.O. when he gets announced and maybe a few times early in the game.  As soon as he makes his first big play or puts six on the board, they will thank the Lord that T.O. is playing on their team and cheer him like they haven’t won a Superbowl.. ever.  Philly fans are fickle.

So you fans who will be at the game, what is your game plan for Terrell?