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Todd Pinkston is Weak

Aug 22, 2006, 2:13 PM EDT

Today is Maddenoliday!

ESPN’s Page 2 summarizes some of the more unique player attributes:

35 – The strength rating for Eagles receiver Todd Pinkston. How
weak is Stinkston? Thirty-nine kickers and punters are given higher
ratings. Thirty-nine. Yikes. If that’s not a punch in the frail,
tender, feeble stomach, then I don’t know what is. In fact, I’m kind of
excited to fire up Madden ’07 to see if the game’s programmers switched
Pinkston’s mug shot with that of a cat. Might as well hammer home the
point, huh?

35 – Not that Pinkston is the only non-kicker to get a 35
strength rating. Eagles receiver and kick returner Jeremy Bloom got
one, too. So remember, Eagles fans: just tap that pass button in Madden
’07. You don’t want Donovan McNabb to accidentally kill his waifish
receiving corps with high-velocity throws.

25 – The player morale rating for Terrell Owens, far and away
the lowest in the game. So apparently to get lower than 25 in this
category a player has to be coming off of a season in which he actually
murdered a teammate. (Maybe that’s something the Bengals can try to
achieve for Madden 2008.)

When your receiving corp gets ridiculed in a video game you know you have problems.

-Madden ’07 rank and file [Page2]
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