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Tyson Gillies Busted for Cocaine, But Not Just Your Everyday Bust

Aug 20, 2010, 2:33 PM EDT

Tyson Gillies, one of the key pieces to Ruben Amaro’s cupboard-stocking trade that sent Cliff Lee to Seattle, was busted over the weekend on felony drug possession charges. An unfortunate event for any member of a baseball organization, for sure, but the details are the real kicker.

After a night out on the town down in Florida at local establishment Freaki Tiki, Florida’s “hospitality hangout,” Tyson was on the side of the road waiving something or other.

Cue the Inquirer’s Matt Gelb:

The officer asked Gillies if he had enough money for a taxi to take him
back to the hotel. He did not, so the officer offered a courtesy ride
for Gillies.

After the officer dropped Gillies off at the La Quinta, where he was
also staying in June, he noticed a bag of white powder on the back-seat
floor of the police cruiser. The officer stopped Gillies, took down his
information and told him the bag would be sent to a lab for testing and
he could be charged in the future.

The test came back positive for cocaine and he was subsequently charged, setting Phillies nation into a flurry of coke and Cliff Lee jokes.

The Phillies have no real comment as the case is pending.

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