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Unacceptable: Jimmy Rollins Was Late

Jul 24, 2008, 4:10 PM EDT

When it was first reported that Jimmy Rollins was a scratch just before today’s big game with the Mets, fans started the guessing game. Was he hurt? Was he going to be traded? What was the deal?

As it turns out, he reportedly broke one of Charlie Manuel’s two golden rules. Earlier in the season, he broke the hustle rule and today he showed up an hour before game time.

You can’t be late, Jimmy. It’s especially disheartening when today was such a pivotal game.

Update: TZ has a Q&A with Jimmy:

Q: Did you understand?
A: Well,
we’re not going to agree on this one. I agreed with him last time, but
we’re not going to agree on this one. I think he understood that, and I
understood it. But he’s the manager. He has to set a precedent for
certain players and you’re expected and held up to those rules, and
that’s fine.
Q: If you don’t agree, can you get past it?
A: Am I going to let it bother me? No, it’s already done. Me and Charlie spoke about it. It’s done.