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Union Dues: Convey Rumors, and a Good Prank

May 26, 2009, 10:31 AM EDT

Until there's actual news to report or an actual team to field, much of the stories surrounding the Philadelphia Union will be based on rumors, best guesses, and speculation. Who knows which of them will come true, we'll be tracking some of the bigger ones as they develop. One such story that's had some legs for awhile now is the possible acquisition of local product Bobby Convey. Convey has some notable English Premier League experience, playing with Reading FC from 2004 to 2009. As a starter in '05-'06, Convey helped lead Reading to its promotion to the Premier League, and after a few seasons, he returned to the MLS. Now with a struggling San Jose Earthquakes team (see how bad the name thing could have been?), expect to hear more rumors of a likely trade; if San Jose doesn't move him in-season, a return to Philly could be in the cards as the Union looks to build talent but also add players that will attract local fans. For more on the Convey possibilities, click here.

By the way, the latest figures have the team already selling 7,000 season tickets for the new stadium.

Philly PooAnd, the anti-Philly sentiment has already hit the MLS fans… An enterprising web enthusiast apparently hacked into the site, and replaced the Union's logo with this one.

See what they did there? With the snake and the poo? Gotta admit, that's pretty good.

Many Philly soccer fans are probably trying to get up to speed on the MLS and perhaps global soccer in general. We'll try to point you to some good futbol coverage as we do these Union updates, as we did with Philadelphia Soccer Examiner last time. Today, take a look at Ginge Talks the Footy, our source for the tweaked logo (with an h/t to our man Tuffy).

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