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Utley & Myers Lead Phils

Aug 31, 2005, 10:52 PM EDT

Pedro_misses_nelsonPedro Martinez gave up four home runs in great game at Shea for the Phillies.  Pedro seemed to be pitching well early on but got frustrated with shots by Howard, Utley twice, and Lieberthal.  The most exciting plays of the game had to be the sick catches made by Kenny Lofton at key spots in the game.  Lofton snatched a long Cliff Floyd drive to center, Willie Mays style, for the first out of the 6th inning.  It was a tremendous catch.  3 batters later, with the go ahead run on second, Victor Diaz hit a blast to center where Lofton made another over the shoulder grab.  Sports Center material. 

Big win for the Phillies after a tough loss last night.  The past two nights have had an intense playoff like atmosphere.  Good stuff.  Florida also lost, so the Phillies are a full game up in the wild card.

There are rumors going around that Billy Wagner is leaning towards signing a 3 year deal with the Phillies.  Balls, Sticks, & Stuff thinks its a bad idea.  I’d love to see Billy back, but agree the terms of the deal factor a great deal in grading the move.

September Call-Ups: OF Shane Victorino, Catcher AJ Hinch, Matt Kata, Geary, Pedro Liriano, Gavin Floyd.  It will be fun to see Victorino get into a few games hopefully.

Charlie on the Phillies batting against Pedro: I think that a once that they got into the game I think uh they wanted to hit em.