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Video: Temple RB Bernard Pierce on ESPN First Take

Aug 6, 2010, 11:26 AM EDT


With all the attention paid to the NFL this week, from Brett Favre's continued waffling to Darelle Revis' contract dispute to Andy Reid's electronic weight loss system, it can be easy for the college game to get lost in the shuffle. Thankfully, we have Temple University's star running back Bernard Pierce to get us focused on the year ahead. The center of a massive media campaign by the university's athletic department to turn the attention of Heisman voters to Philadelphia for the first time since 1986, Pierce has been featured on countless buses and billboards throughout the Delaware Valley for the better part of a month. TU brass has even gone so far as to set up the not so subtle, and incredibly loud Thursday, Bernard stopped by the ESPN campus in Bristol, CT to get the word out to the nation. First showing up on ESPN First Take at 10:30, #30 quickly made his way to the 11:30 SportsCenter, before hosting his own online chat at 1:30 and appearing on College Gameday at 3:30. Good thing he can run.

Temple kicks off his 2010 schedule against Villanova in the Second Annual Mayor's Cup, September 3rd. We'll have a season preview up in the coming weeks. Until then, ask yourself this question: one year ago, did you ever think the Temple University football program would be getting major play on the Worldwide Leader? Run Bernard, Run.