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Video: The Time a Bunny Could Have Been Killed and a Fat Man Danced

Jan 20, 2010, 12:37 PM EDT

Hip-Hop-Roof With the Sixers holding a rare double digit fourth quarter lead over the Bucks on Friday night, their crazy-bunny mascot Hip-Hop was seen descending from the rafters during a time out. He started amidst banners for members of the organization held in similar regard to the bunny himself, guys like Wilt Chamberlain and Hal Greer, and slowly slid down some sort of rope apparatus. I’m not sure if it was an angry fan screaming to my left or my own inner dialogue, but “cut the cord!” certainly popped into my head. Alas, the jacked-up bunny made it safely to the hardwood where his legion of Raging Hares promptly slammed a few rather impressive trampoline dunks. No Gilbert Arenas, but solid nonetheless.

And moments later a rather large man got his dance on. [videos below]

Even later in the fourth quarter, a pair of fans sitting 2nd row courtside were about 15 yards away from Hip-Hop giving him the J.D. Drew treatment, calling him the worst mascot in sports, and noting he’s nothing like the Phanatic. The bunny responded by holding up a giant sign in the shape of a human ear that read “I can’t hear you!”

Reasons alone to come watch the Sixers in person. That and they won rather easily last night over the Bucks.

The bunny:

This guy was enjoying himself: