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Ville Leino Notches a Hat Trick, Fan Makes Artistic Decision to Throw a Shoe

Mar 12, 2011, 9:30 PM EDT

The Flyers are playing the Atlanta Thrashers tonight in South Philly, trying to survive a Thrashers surge in the third period ABSOLUTELY BLOWING a 3-0 third period lead. Ville Leino played a hell of a game though, scoring his first career hat trick. There was an impressive showing of hats on the ice, but one guy thought he'd go ahead and toss his shoe.  Ville Leino Shoe Trick FlyerI wonder which Express he was on. No word yet as to whether the other shoe was thrown on the ice after the Flyers' meltdown in the third. Up 3-0 going into the final period, they were up 4-2 with 3 minutes left. And lost, 5-4 in OT. 

Video of the Leino goals below. 

(Thanks, MrFlyerGuy

After they came back from break, Coatsey presented us with the shoe. Knowing now how the game would end, it just feels weird watching the last Leino goal, particularly Jonesy's March Madness reference. On the bright side, Coatsey had a little help cleaning up.Leino's Ladies

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