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Vince Papale: Like Rocky, Only with Pads

Aug 21, 2006, 12:14 AM EDT

Invincible_mark_wahlbergFor those of you who don’t remember the late ’70s or simply weren’t even born yet like me, the Inquirer has a piece looking at Papale’s story.  They go as far as to call Papale a "Real Life Rocky."  The Inqy gets a bit sappy over Papale’s story.  While Vince’s story is a great one, I haven’t seen the part of the trailer where he knocks down Apollo Creed or even sprinted up the Art Museum steps for that matter.  I’m not about to put Papale’s Invincible in the same category as Stallone’s Rocky just yet but the Inquirer does a great job setting up the background to the bartender turned typing teacher turned NFL walk on.

Eventually, Papale found the right door. It opened on a new life. The
hard-nosed, blue-collar kid from Delaware County proved he wasn’t "just
another bum from the neighborhood."

That’s right Vince, you’re no perpetual loser!  You’re smart, not like everybody says.

-Vince Papale: A Real Life Rocky [Inquirer]