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WATN: Bobby Abreu

Aug 1, 2006, 10:34 PM EDT

Abreu made his debut tonight for the Yankees going 0-3 with a base on balls and a run scored.

Jayson Stark’s most recent writings over at ESPN will make you depressed.  Some lowlights:

  • Now presenting the most lopsided deadline deal of this millennium:
    Abreu and Lidle for four guys the Yankees already have forgotten they
    ever employed.
  • "I keep asking myself, ‘Is there something I don’t know about Bobby
    Abreu that they know?’ " said a high-ranking official of a team that
    would have loved to add Abreu in a less complicated, dollar-signed
    world. "I’m just baffled that they could not get anything back for a guy this good. And they paid him $1.5 million to waive his no-trade clause. And they just tossed in Cory Lidle — tossed him in. I know for a fact there were teams that offered better prospects for Lidle alone. I don’t get it."
  • To make this kind of trade, just for the joy of cashing out, simply
    tells the sport that either you think Abreu is outrageously overrated
    or your team is in major financial trouble — or both.

To kick us while we’re down, the New York Times get in on the act:

  • The Phillies are more disgraceful than the Yankees. They play in one of
    the largest markets in the country, and they act like a small-market
  • They stumble and bumble in other ways, too. Instead of hiring Jim
    Leyland as their manager before last season, they hired Charlie Manuel.
    Now Leyland has turned the Detroit Tigers
    into the best team in baseball, while the Phillies have faded from view
    in the face of the Mets’ demolition of the National League East.

It’s always sunny in Philadelphia, isn’t it?