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WATN: Matt Stairs On the Charlie Manuel Diet, Beer, and Pizza

Sep 10, 2010, 2:48 PM EDT

Yahoo!'s Dave Brown caught up with the great Canadian outfielder for the San Diego Padres and WFC Matt Stairs to talk beer, food, names that are also inanimate objects, and all sorts of goofy stuff. Stairs enjoys a good Maritime Beer and some pizza. Sounds like our kind of guy. So how'd he lose all of that weight and get down to 200 (!) lbs?

DB: Is this because of the Nutrisystem cult? Is the major league lifestyle — the travel, the limited food choices late at night — conducive to eating healthy?

Matt Stairs: I have to take [the Nutrisystem food] with me.

DB: Is Charlie Manuel your sponsor?

MS: He got me on it, yeah [laughs]. I wouldn't say he's my sponsor. *They're* my sponsor [pulls open drawer filled with Nutrisystem food].

Stairsy claims the chicken and penne pasta is delicious, but we're skeptical.

The whole Q&A with the Answer Man is off the wall and worth checking out if for nothing more than to learn how Stairs got his new nickname in San Diego.