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We Talkin’ Bout Practice, T.O. Style

Aug 17, 2006, 9:23 AM EDT

Like he said, Terrell Owens is the only one who knows his body.  In this ESPN video, T.O. starts a little rant about practice and throws Allen Iverson’s name out there.  Every time Terrell Owens speaks I get reminded a little bit of Charlie Manuel.  I’m not quite sure what that means though.

It’s nice to see even the littlest thing can still get under his skin.  But at least he still has a sense of humor about his wardrobe:

"I don’t want to have any friction with
anybody," he said. "But I feel like at some time, when someone starts
to question my heart or my injury, it does get under your skin a little

Last week,
Owens wore the Discovery Channel pro cycling team’s silver and blue
uniform to poke fun at his long stint on the bike. He did ride it
Wednesday on the sideline, where he’s spent the last two weeks, but
this time just for a quick warmup before the only practice of the day -
his first since Aug. 2.

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