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Webber “Can’t Play with Iverson”

May 16, 2005, 1:54 PM EDT

Who knows if there is any truth to these reports, but there is always room in Philadelphia for some Allen Iverson bashing.  One of Chris Webber’s cronies apparently voiced the notion that CWebb says he can’t play with A.I.  I don’t have many comments on this one, I mean, who could play with Iverson?  The only problem with this is Webber’s boy actually going to the media.  meh.

Link: Philadelphia Daily News | 05/16/2005 | Report: Sixers’ Webber says he doesn’t want to play with Iverson.

The New York Daily News reported that after the Sixers’ first-round loss in the playoffs, Webber told a close friend that he didn’t exactly enjoy being on the court with Iverson.

"I can’t play with him," Webber was quoted as telling an old friend. "He dribbles too much."

Furthermore, Webber apparently isn’t sold on the idea that he and Iverson can gel any better next season.

Apparently, Webber was warned by former Sixers forward Glenn Ribinson that it would be difficult to play with the five-time All-Star. Webber said that Robinson told him, "You won’t able to play with him."

Now, after having played 21 games with the Sixers, Webber seems to agree.

"I’d take a pay cut to get out of there," Webber reportedly told his friend.

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