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Weekend Lowlights

Mar 14, 2005, 11:17 AM EDT

The Sixers continued down their path to the bottom, getting blown out
by Toronto on Sunday.  The Sixers’ defense was so pathetic, Toronto
set records for 3-point shots made by a team and Donyell Marshall tied
the all-time record of three pointers made in one game by a single
player with 12.

Does Jim O’Brien actually coach these guys?

In Eagles news, Plaxico Burress has fired his agent and brought on the
infamous Drew Rosenhaus.  This will delay any talks Plaxico had
planned with teams.  There were rumors swirling that Burress was to be
in Philly today to meet with the Eagles.

The other rumors swirling about involve the Colts and Brian Westbrook.
The Colts may be interested in offering BWest a contract which the
Eagles wouldn’t match.  The Eagles would then get a first round draft
pick in return and would then make a potential move for the Colts star
Edgerin James.

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