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Westbrook is Pissed

Sep 8, 2005, 2:14 PM EDT

Westbrookwantstheloot_1From Today’s Inqy:

"It’s tough and frustrating for me to
come to work every day," said Westbrook, "knowing that in the back of
my mind I feel disrespected by the offer that I continue to get from
the Eagles."

Westbrook said he doesn’t regret the tender he signed during the
summer, but he said that the offer he received wasn’t close to what the
top running backs in the game make and "at this point in my career I’m
close to being one of the top running backs in the game."

"Every time I go out I play football for No.
1 — myself, my team, my family and my own reputation. I don’t play
exclusively for the Eagles."

This is just another distraction the Eagles don’t need.  BWest is a pretty level headed guy, unlike 81, so he probably has a legitimate gripe with what the Eagles are offering him.  The Birds should be focusing on game planning for Mike Vick, not talking about damn contracts.

Who do you guys like in tonight’s NFL opener?  Pats giving 7.5 to the Raiders.