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What They’re Saying: Joe Blanton Trade

Jul 18, 2008, 3:27 AM EDT

By now you’ve heard that the Phillies gave up three prospects for the A’s Joe Blanton. Obviously this guy is an end of the rotation starter and not the horse we dearly coveted. But I think it’s awfully obvious that Blanton is an improvement over Adam Eaton, for sure. And perhaps even Brett Myers. (Hopefully that’s not true.)

On the morn following the Phils finding themselves tied for first atop the NL East and the day after J.A. Happ pitched a gem for Lehigh Valley, we’re taking a look at what those around the web are saying about the trade. As of now Joe has not spoken out about the trade on his MLB blog.

Mike Arbuckle
, Phillies Assistant GM
"We’ve been attempting to upgrade our rotation and we feel like we’ve done that. We think Joe is a very
strong, competitive pitcher that has the mental makeup to pitch
productively in a pennant race."

"He’s a guy who we had an interest in over time. One of the things that jump out with our
scouts is what a competitor he is. He wants to stay out there, and give
you innings, let your bullpen bounce back. We’re obviously stated for a
while that we looked to improve our starting rotation. He was
attractive for a few reasons."

Joe Blanton, Phillies Pitcher to SF Chronicle

"It’s one of those deals where it’s very bittersweet. I’m going to a very good team with a very
good lineup. They’re in the division hunt and they’re out to win a
championship, and that’s what any player wants. But I’ve always been
with the A’s, and I have great relationships there. It’s one of those
double-sided coins."


"Aren’t all coins double-sided?"

Bill Conlin, Daily News

"I’m not a big fan of the enormous former A’s righthander. Nothing
personal. But I think he uses his brute strength to overpower the
baseball to the detriment of his poor mechanics. But if Joe can do a
reasonable Kyle Lohse impersonation during this lopsided second half,
then hats off to GM Pat Gillick. They got Blanton for nothing they will
ever miss. Adrian Cardenas was blocked at second, his only certifiable
position. Josh Outman is a Double A setup man and Matt Spencer is a
throw-in outfielder."

"If Blanton bombs, it was at the expense of very little. If he helps the Phils to the East title, Gillick is a genius."

Keith Law,

"Joe Blanton is clearly an upgrade over Adam Eaton, who
has been atrocious since the day the Phillies gave him a three-year
contract, and seems to be getting worse all the time. The difference
could easily be worth two wins over the remainder of the season,
because Blanton is better than Eaton, but also because he’s more likely
to give six-plus innings."

Tim Kurkjian, ESPN
"This is something the Phils absolutely had to do to make the playoffs this year. He’s going to help them for sure."

Baseball Tonight

"It’s going to be tough for the Phillies, even with Joe Blanton, to catch the Mets."