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Wing Bowl 14 Wrap Up

Feb 4, 2006, 4:49 PM EDT

Joey_chestnutIf you are at work, you may not want to click on any of the picture links | Pictures from | Pictures from Philadelphia Weekly | Picture of Wing Tut yarfing | El Wingador being retired and sent to the rafters | videos | Angelo Cataldi treats objects like women, man. | Joey Chestnut wins by eating 173 wings. |’s Wing Bowl 14 Page

There was a line from the Inqy’s write up of Wing Bowl 14 which summed it up pretty well for me, "Wing Bowl is what would happen if the Mummers Parade crashed Mardi Gras, and a Girls Gone Wild crew happened to show up."  I am not sure, but I think "wingette" is French for "stripper."

While listening to Wing Bowl in years past on the radio, I never fully grasped the party atmosphere of the event.  The whole thing is basically an excuse to start tailgateing at 3 in the morning and having hundreds of strippers play to a crowd of 20,000 drunkards.  I am not one to argue with tradition.  To be honest, I didn’t realize so many strippers existed.

Joey Chestnut ate 173 wings.  That is insane.  For those of you unfamiliar, Joey was the guy who drank a gallon of milk in 43 seconds to qualify for the bowl.  The crowd favorite The Locast was a wrinkly old guy wearing a McNabb jersey.  The guy could eat, but was no match for Chestnut.

Chestnut’s victory will likely set the table for a match up next year with Sonya Thomas, assuming they allow former competitors to participate.

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