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World Cup 2006

Jun 5, 2006, 3:49 AM EDT

Fifa98 I’ve always wanted to "get" the world’s fascination with soccer.  The World Cup is starting up on Friday and while most of you don’t care at all about soccer, those who are true sports fans can certainly enjoy the universality of the World Cup.   Of course most of you will and should support the U.S. but the fact of the matter is that the U.S. simply isn’t top drawer and rooting for them is much like rooting for any Philly sports team to win a championship.  Sure it will happen someday, but I’m pretty sure you’ve been watching games in South Philly over the past 20 plus years.   So as some other website’s are suggesting, pick a back up team.

Netherlands_orange My knowledge of world soccer is extremely limited, but as some of my friends could vauch for, I truly mastered FIFA ’98 for PSX back in the day.  There were two teams I enjoyed using, one was Italy who were simply too dominate in that game, so if I used them, my friends stood about as good a chance of beating me as Gavin Floyd has of winning the Cy Young this year.  My next choice and the squad I used probably 90% of the time was the Netherlands.  They were a decent squad with killer orange unis and two stud forwards (I think soccer has forwards?), Dennis Bergkamp and some guy Seedorf (?) or Davids (?) and another guy with dreadlocks (Kluivert?).  So due to having heard the anouncers in FIFA ’98 say Bergkamp goal after goal after goal, along with the fact that they rock orange, I’m going to pull for the Dutch.

So apparently you are supposed to root against Italy and cheer for England because as one Deadspin commenter put it "It’s like rooting for America Sr."

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