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Jul 20, 2005, 9:56 AM EDT

I typed up a post titled "WWTOD" on Monday throwing some lighthearted fun at Mr. Owens comparing himself to J.C.  Today, the700Level’s other author pointed out to us that Phil Sheridan must have really liked my post and decided to go with something almost verbatim (of course his article didn’t have pictures of Jessica Simpson from the ESPYs).  I think it it is rather funny actually, maybe Phil should hook me up with some Eagles tickets?  That sounds like a great idea, Phil you can email me at to find out where to send the tickets.  Thanks Phil!

Phil Sheridan in today’s Inqy: What will Terrell Do?

The Eagles’ reluctant receiver is reaching for the sky, invoking Jesus in his contract squabble.

Inquirer Columnist

And here we thought Terrell Owens’ role model was Jerry Rice.


Owens – or should we call him Terrell H. Owens now? – has set his sights even higher than the greatest wide receiver of all time. That "J" on Owens’ "WWJD" bracelet is not for Jerry. It’s for Jesus.

That’s not a major surprise. The fact that T.O. sees himself and J.C. as peers? That was a major surprise.

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