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You Too Can Win the 1979 Barry Ashbee Award

Feb 18, 2009, 3:23 PM EDT

 Because someone has placed it on eBay. From the seller's description:

Ashbee_trophyThis is an original, first time offered 1978-1979 BARRY ASHBEE AWARD TROPHY. This trophy was given to Philadelphia Flyers defenceman Bob "The Count" Dailey. This is the fifth ever awarding of this trophy. It started in 1974-75 and continues annually at the end of each season. The local Philly sportswriters and sportscasters vote of the Flyers best defenceman towards the end of every season. The winner is then presented with the "team trophy" at center ice. He is then given this style trophy for hic collection. There have been only 33 of these awards ever produced! This trophy has never been offered before. I am the only owner besides Bob Dailey. I have owned this since 1998. The trophy measures 10 1/2 inches high. It is in excellent showcase condition. An awesome addition to anyone's collection.

Totally agree. How great would that look in your game any room?

A few other must-have's from the Bullies, after the jump.

 While you're reliving old glories from the era that launched the Philadelphia hockey legacy, why not put on some Bully Cologne? Because when ladies look at those toothless, sweaty, mop-headed legends, their olfactory senses go wild. And what would go better with your Bullies jersey anyway? Bully cologne

It really stings the nostrils—in a good way!

But the Bullies-era sophistication doesn't end there. Leaving eBay, we find that Mike Schmidt isn't the only Philly hero to have his own wine. Ask your sommelier for these.
Bully wine

Yes, Dave "the Hammer" Schultz has his own Chardonnay, and Bobby Clarke shares his Cabernet.

And opposing NHL fans call these guys classless?