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Charles Barkley

  1. Charles Barkley on Conan: I once tipped $25,000 [VIDEO]

    Apr 4, 2014, 11:01 AM EDT


    Sir Charles was a guest on Conan O’Brien’s show on Thursday night and was his typical jovial self. One of the funnier segments was when Chuck unloaded on Shaq for doing too many endorsement deals and rubbing too much lotion on his fake body. Then he gets into some talk about tipping and admits to…

  2. Charles Barkley pranks Manute Bol with Rick Mahorn’s scary face

    Apr 1, 2014, 12:07 PM EDT


    In honor of April Fool’s Day Sixers PR man Michael Preston unearthed this gem and shared it with the world. It featured Charles Barkley showing Manute Bol some sort of dinner table with those serving dishes usually reserved for hotel room service, only problem was under one of them was the scary mug of Rick…

  3. Sir Charles nearly falls asleep on TV and he wasn’t even watching the Sixers

    Mar 14, 2014, 10:14 AM EDT


    (Or playing on the Sixers) More proof that Charles Barkley is just like the rest of us. There was a pretty funny segment on TNT’s Inside the NBA on Thursday night when the cameras caught Chuck’s eyelids getting real heavy. He kept it together and didn’t actually fall asleep, but that certainly didn’t stop Kenny,…

  4. Charles Barkley sucks at beer pong but that’s okay

    Jan 10, 2014, 3:21 PM EDT


    We’re not really sure why Charles Barkley was on HLN and it’s still unclear exactly why he was playing beer pong on the air but it’s Friday and you might as well pour yourself a glass of whiskey and watch the above clip because why not. I’d guess it has something to do with Chuck…

  5. Charles Barkley talks about Leroy Jetson, fires his mother

    Dec 20, 2013, 11:56 AM EDT


    In making a point regarding Gregg Popovich’s “system ball” in San Antonio, Charles Barkley had some amazing and hilarious things to say. After talking about the seeming lack of hustle in some players today, Charles wished he played the game today. “Ain’t no doubt in my mind, if I played the NBA today, I’d be…

  6. Watch Charles Barkley ride the subway for the first time

    Dec 6, 2013, 12:35 PM EDT


    I’ve long suggested that there could be a website dedicated solely to documenting everything Charles Barkley says and does. It’d be full of hilarious anecdotes. It’d feature videos of Charles getting ready for his regular appearances on TNT or even better, when he does mundane stuff like rides the subway in New York City for…

  7. Charles Barkley says ‘black people don’t play beer pong’ after Jordan pong comeback

    Nov 19, 2013, 11:10 AM EDT


    Michael Jordan was spotted (not wearing something truly awful for once) playing beer pong last week and the Internet was all abuzz. This was a big deal for some reason. This didn’t really register on our radar until TMZ put a camera in front of Charles Barkley’s face last night and asked him about MJ’s…

  8. Charles Barkley on Andrew Wiggins

    Oct 30, 2013, 12:30 PM EDT

    Image (1) charlesbarkleyletterman700level.jpg for post 487049

    Following up on AU’s fantastic reminder that the NBA Draft Lottery is a tricky thing, I thought it worthwhile to point out another smart person’s take on Andrew Wiggins. Sir Charles spoke to Sports Illustrated (via CSN) recently about the Sixers and their future. The quote that I enjoyed in particular was when asked about…

  9. Charles Barkley doesn’t care if Mike Vick needs a cane and a walker

    Oct 24, 2013, 5:09 PM EDT


    Sixers legend Charles Barkley is never one to be shy about his opinions on all things sports. He was a guest on 94 WIP on Thursday afternoon and talked, among many other things, about the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback situation. Not surprisingly, Sir Charles has a strong opinion. We’ll update this post with more from Chuck’s…

  10. Video: Charles Barkley Grinding On a Middle-Aged Woman Because Why Not

    Jul 24, 2013, 12:08 PM EDT


    I’ve been wondering for years why nobody has started a blog entirely dedicated to the amazing things Charles Barkley says and does on a regular basis. Chuck is like the chocolate river in Willy Wonka. The goodness just keeps flowing. His latest web gem is video of him grinding with a middle-aged woman at Ray…

  11. Charles Barkley Was Just Giving Out Hundred Dollar Bills at Golf Tourney

    Jul 23, 2013, 1:06 PM EDT


    Charles Barkley’s golf swing is so bad that if you were in attendance over the weekend to watch him play at the American Century Championship in Lake Tahoe, he may have given you a crisp hundred dollar bill. Really. According to BuzzFeed who rounded up a bunch of tweets from the event, the former Philadelphia…

  12. In Case You Were Curious, Charles Barkley’s Thoughts on the George Zimmerman Trial…

    Jul 19, 2013, 1:30 PM EDT

    Screen shot 2013-07-19 at 1.25.47 PM

    I have no interest in using this post to debate the merits of the George Zimmerman trial, but Sir Charles’ take is worth mention. Barkley was on CNBC’s Closing Bell on Thursday and in a one-on-one interview with host Maria Bartiromo was asked if he “had any thoughts on the George Zimmerman verdict.” Without any…

  13. A Look Behind the Scenes of the 76ers’ Free Agency Meeting with Andrew Bynum

    Jul 9, 2013, 9:58 AM EDT


    With Dwight Howard and Josh Smith officially off the market, and Chris Paul long since committed to re-upping with the Clippers, the NBA’s off-season attention turns to our very own Andrew Bynum, the ultimate wildcard in this year’s free agency. Yahoo reports that Bynum has already been offered a two-year, $24 million offer from Cleveland…

  14. Ten Biggest Questions for the Sixers’ Off-Season: #6. What Players Are Worth Trying to Trade For?

    May 8, 2013, 10:00 AM EDT


    When I talked a couple columns ago about how Thaddeus Young should probably considered tradeable by Sixers management, and potentially included in prospective off-season deals, I didn’t mean that he should be traded for just anybody. Indeed, the Sixers are in a place right now where they’re not in any particular rush to either improve…

  15. Dikembe Mutombo’s Fingers Make MJ Wedding Skit On SNL

    May 6, 2013, 12:07 PM EDT


    Saturday Night Live’s skit on Michael Jordan’s recent wedding, featuring the likes of “Charles Barkley” and a bunch of coked-up halftime jugglers, was mostly forgettable. But it did feature a performance from Jay Pharoah as Dikembe Mutombo that is at least worth a click to check out. We’re suckers for all things finger-wag.

  16. The Evster Searches the Internets for the Best Chris Wheeler

    May 3, 2013, 11:10 AM EDT

    Chris Wheeler is obviously not the best broadcaster in the biz (that’d be the “Boom Goes the Dynamite Guy”), but he’s also not the worst (that’d be Tim McCarver). He’s just Chris Wheeler. Just plain ole, normal, not that interesting, perfectly fine, whatever, he’s a white dude, Chris Wheeler.

    And it’s not like we expect the Phillies to hire the greatest commentators in the country, but we do at least expect them to employ the greatest Chris Wheeler. So I figured why not do some internet sleuthing to see how the Phillies’ Chris Wheeler stacked up against other Chris Wheelers.

  17. Another Reason to Love Sir Charles: He Out-Benched Shaq!

    Apr 26, 2013, 1:49 PM EDT

    As if we all needed another reason to love Sir Charles any more. This video of Shaquille O’Neal and Barkley having a bench-press off in some strange promotion for that new Marky Mark and The Rock movie is not embeddable, but if you click over to you can watch the competition get serious.

  18. This Charles Barkley Commercial Is Way Better Than the One Where He Sees a Guy in the Shower

    Mar 22, 2013, 1:52 PM EDT

    Having Charles Barkley in the mix on CBS/TNT/TruTV/TBS’ coverage of March Madness has been both a blessing and a curse. Sure, we all want more Chuck in our lives at all times, but his prep work and analysis of the college hoop game has left a bit to be desired over the past few years. That said, Charles almost always brings the funny and I don’t know what it is about this commercial, but the idea of Sir Charles calling a bunch of little kids hooping it up in the driveway sounds a lot like what I imagined in my head when I was six years old playing in the driveway in Havertown.

  19. Happy 50th, Chuck: Some Barkley Memories and the Godzilla Commercial

    Feb 20, 2013, 1:15 PM EDT

    The national media made a big hubub over the weekend about Michael Jordan turning 50 years old. Perhaps that is an occasion worth making a big deal about in the sports world. Who knows? Maybe they needed something to talk about other than Muggsy Bogues and meatball sandwiches. Maybe M.J. deserves that kind of attention.…

  20. Comcast to Air ‘Barkley at 50′ Special Next Week In Honor of Chuck Getting Old

    Feb 14, 2013, 2:20 PM EDT

    The only thing we can think of that could make the “Barkley at 50″ special Comcast SportsNet will be airing next week better is if it was 2.5 hours longer. Okay, and maybe if that was a Yuengling instead of a Diet Coke in front of him. Seriously, Sir Charles sitting around telling old stories for all of us to enjoy and ripping on how bad his former teammates were? Instant DVR.

  21. A Cartoon In Which Andrew Bynum Gets Kidnapped By Charles Barkley, Allen Iverson, and Ilya Bryzgalov. Okay Sure.

    Feb 14, 2013, 11:27 AM EDT

    First of all, the premise to this cartoon is a little bit hard to believe. I mean, in what bizarro world do Allen Iverson and Charles Barkley have the motivation to stage a kidnapping. And of a 7-foot giant no less.

  22. Audio: Charles Barkley On Manti Te’o: We Can’t Just Be Making Up Words When Somebody Is a Damn Idiot

    Jan 23, 2013, 1:30 PM EDT

    Sir Charles Barkley was a guest of Mike Missanelli on 97.5 the Fanatic yesterday afternoon and it was a truly awesome 20 minutes of radio. Chuck was in town to call the Sixers-Spurs game on Monday night for TNT, so the two talk quite a bit about that. But as always with Charles, the topic of conversation was wonderfully all over the place.

    “I love these people. I came here as a little teeny bopper and played here for eight great years. It was great to be back and see the excitement in the building,” Barkley said of being back in town, despite complaining of the frigid temperatures. Some highlights below.

    Would he work to re-sign Andrew Bynum?

  23. VIDEO: Charles Barkley Cannot Tie His Own Tie, So Dei Lynam Does It for Him

    Jan 21, 2013, 7:52 PM EDT

    In the latest edition of Charles being Charles, we now know that 11-time NBA All-Star and one-time NBA MVP Charles Barkley does not know how to tie a tie. So obviously TNT cameras caught Sixers’ beat writer Dei Lynam tying it for him prior to the Sixers’ nationally televised game with the Spurs on Monday night. Underrated portion of the clip sees Neil Hartman just watching in amusement as Charles tries and fails. [video inside]

  24. Charles Barkley’s Funny or Die Christmas Video is Mostly Die

    Dec 20, 2012, 5:07 PM EDT

    Charles Barkley’s Christmas Card from Funny Or Die’s The Occasional from Charles Barkley      Good job, good effort, I guess. I got quite excited when I saw Charles Barkley had a Christmas-themed Funny or Die video up on the Internet this evening, but after watching it, I was left with a sour taste of eggnog gone…

  25. Increase the Size of Your Johnson by Following Charles Barkley’s Weight Watchers Diet

    Oct 25, 2012, 10:56 AM EDT

    No, that post title was not the subject line of a spam email we received this morning. And we barely even sensationalized it at all. In fact, we probably toned it down a bit.

    Sir Charles Barkley’s new Weight Watchers advertisement is clearly targeting a very small demographic. It suggests that for every 35 pounds you lose, you gain an inch of… something else.