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  1. Google Street View Is Mapping the Wells Fargo Center

    Jun 20, 2013, 11:25 AM EDT


    There’s a decent chance that, at some point in your Internet-surfing life, you’ve probably pulled the little yellow peg man onto a Google map and taken a look at a 360-degree image of your street. How’d you like to do that with the Wells Fargo Center? A friend of ours inside the building gave us…

  2. 76ers Propose Practice Facility at the Navy Yard

    Jun 19, 2013, 4:00 PM EDT


    Last year the Sixers opened administrative offices at the Philly Navy Yard. Now the organization wants to move the basketball team there. Philadelphia Business Journal reports the franchise has a proposal to build a brand new practice facility at the Yard, right down the street from the Wells Fargo Center. The 55,000-square-foot facility could be…

  3. Reviewing the Ten Biggest Questions for the Sixers Off-Season with Michael Levin

    Jun 19, 2013, 1:16 PM EDT

    NBA: Golden State Warriors at Philadelphia 76ers

    We’ve been spending the off-season counting down the ten biggest questions facing the Sixers as they transition from the Doug Collins era into a rather uncertain future. Now that we’re done the roll-out, we figured it was time to call on our old friend Michael Levin, of the excellent Sixers blog Liberty Ballers, and get…

  4. Ten Biggest Questions for the Sixers’ Off-Season: #1. What About Andrew?

    Jun 14, 2013, 1:20 PM EDT

    NBA: Indiana Pacers at Philadelphia 76ers

    This guy. After holding the Sixers hostage for the entirety of the 2012-13 season–maybe his fault, probably not totally–Bynum will continue to have the team in his grasp until at least July 1st, when free agency begins and Sam Hinkie and company can figure out whether or not the Funny Looking Kid With the Big…

  5. Doug Collins and Herm Edwards Discuss Playing in Philly During the 80s

    Jun 12, 2013, 4:46 PM EDT

    Mike and Mike - June 12, 2013

    While the 76ers still haven’t found their new head coach, Doug Collins isn’t having any trouble locating new gigs. He spent Wednesday morning as the guest host on ESPN Radio’s Mike and Mike show, all four hours of it. Collins has always been an engaging speaker with plenty of broadcast experience, so I’m sure the…

  6. Ten Biggest Questions for the Sixers’ Off-Season: #2. Who’s Coaching?

    Jun 7, 2013, 2:01 PM EDT


    Eleven. That’s how many NBA teams fired or let go of their coaches this off-season–a whopping six of whom even made the playoffs last year, if you can believe that. A handful of those teams have already filled their vacacines–Cleveland with Mike Brown, Sacramento with Mike Malone, Atlanta with Mike Budenholzer–but the majority still remain…

  7. Go See “The Doctor”: Ten Cool Things About NBA TV’s Julius Erving Doc

    Jun 6, 2013, 11:53 AM EDT


    I have my beefs with a lot of NBA TV’s original programming–they’re mostly pretty uncreative with their ideas, and they play way too much of the same crap over and over again–but their original full-length are becoming must-watches for any basketball fan. Last year’s Dream Team doc was an absolute revelation–seriously, if you haven’t seen…

  8. Super Early Premature 2013 Draft Evaluation: The Sixers Will Take ______ at No. 11

    May 22, 2013, 1:26 PM EDT


    The Sixers had a very small chance of winning one of the top three picks last night and, of course, they didn’t. The No. 1 overall pick went to Nick Gilbert again (insert preferred conspiracy theory about the NBA still making The Decision up to Cleveland), and the Sixers stayed in their expected draft position…

  9. For What It’s Worth: Jrue Holiday Seemed to Really Like Andrew Bynum

    May 20, 2013, 3:00 PM EDT


    You can say it’s just Jrue being nice in case the Sixers decide to bring back the tall kid with the funny hair, but there’s some detail in these comments. And it’s surprising. As we all know, Andrew Bynum did not play a single second of basketball in a Sixers uniform. But according to the…

  10. Five Reasons to Like the Sixers Hire of Sam Hinkie

    May 17, 2013, 9:52 AM EDT


    GM’s usually aren’t particularly sexy hires for basketball franchises–most casual NBA fans can’t name more than a handful of incumbent GMs across the league anyway, and new guys usually don’t have much of a resume to point to, unless they’ve already been fired elsewhere. Still, if any fanbase was going to be excited about a…

  11. TMZ: Cops Dismissed Rape Allegations from Woman Suing Nick Young

    May 15, 2013, 5:22 PM EDT

    USA Today Images

    Tuesday was a popular day for local athletes to be sued for assaulting a woman. Shady McCoy may or may not have partied too hard on a bus, but it was Nick Young who was being taken to court over an alleged date rape from 2011. Now, a report from TMZ is calling the accuser’s…

  12. Cartoon Wilt Chamberlain Pets a Cat

    May 14, 2013, 5:18 PM EDT


    Sort of like the Dock Ellis-LSD-No-Hitter video but with less drugs and more animals. PBS Digital Studios, as part of its Blank on Blank series, has set a 1992 interview with Wilt Chamberlain to animation. Beyond the images — which are worth watching at least once without much consideration as to the content of the…

  13. Ten Biggest Questions for the Sixers’ Off-Season: #5. What Free Agents Should We Go After?

    May 13, 2013, 8:30 AM EDT


    For the first time in what feels like decades (and what is actually a half-decade), the Sixers are going to have cap space the summer. Finally free of the inhibiting contracts of Andre Iguodala (traded) and Elton Brand (amnestied + expired), the Sixers can finally be players in free agency once again. Now, just because…

  14. The Sixers Aren’t the Only Team Looking for a New Head Coach

    May 7, 2013, 11:29 AM EDT

    P.J. Carlesimo, Jim Boylan, Larry Drew (AP)

    The way it’s been talked about so far, it’s almost as if the Sixers’ search for a new head coach exists in a vacuum. Brian Shaw and Mike Brown are at the top of the Sixers’ list. The Sixers are really high on Shaw and Mike Malone. The Sixers have officially reached out to Shaw.…