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Cartoon Wilt Chamberlain Pets a Cat

May 14, 2013, 5:18 PM EDT


Sort of like the Dock Ellis-LSD-No-Hitter video but with less drugs and more animals.

PBS Digital Studios, as part of its Blank on Blank series, has set a 1992 interview with Wilt Chamberlain to animation.

Beyond the images — which are worth watching at least once without much consideration as to the content of the interview — there’s actually a lot packed into the relatively short video.

Wilt, 56 at the time of the interview, discusses growing up as a freakishly tall, young, black man in an era when such traits weren’t so immediately equated with fame and fortune. That topic in addition to his perception in the media, gentle demeanor and  legendary love life.

Most stories about Wilt are centered on his stats and feats of strength, but this just three-and-a-half-minute interview humanizes Wilt in a way that isn’t so larger than life.

Worth your time:

[h/t Deadspin via WithLeather]

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