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What Are The Odds The Sixers Win the Draft Lottery?

May 12, 2013, 7:33 AM EDT


They’re not good. But there’s a chance!

After clicking over to this morning to see if there was anything about Sam Hinkie up yet (there’s not), I stumbled on a helpful post detailing pretty much everything you need to know about the NBA Draft Lottery which takes place in ten days on May 21st.

The basics for Philadelphia fans:

  • The Sixers will have the 11th pick in the draft unless they win the lottery into one of the top three spots.
  • The odds of them moving up?

As a result, the Sixers have a 0.8% chance of being awarded the top pick, a 0.9% chance of winning the second pick, and a 1.2% chance of winning the third pick – only those three picks are determined via the lottery process, with the remaining 27 first-round picks decided solely based upon 2012-13 regular season records

It also points out that a team with odds outside of the top ten has won the lottery just once when the Orlando Magic did it 20 years ago and selected Chris Webber who was immediately traded for Penny Hardaway.

If only we knew where in Pennsyltucky Hip-Hop relocated to. Sixers fans everywhere could use a rabbit foot.

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