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14.95 Down the Drain

Jul 27, 2005, 9:57 AM EDT

Being out of town for work recently means I haven’t had the chance to catch many of the Phillies weekday games lately.  They simply aren’t on TV where I am.  So last night I get back to my hotel room after a absolutely awesome day at work and go online to check the score of our favorite team.  1-1 in the bottom of the 8th.  So what do I do, I decide to sign up for so I can catch the end of the game.  My stream was horrible and spotty.  I saw the tail end of Urbina pitching a scoreless 8th and then I got to watch the wonderful Phillies 9th.  Utley gets an infield single, way to go Chase.  Abreu, Mr. Clutch, comes up to bat and strikes out rather ugly.  Burrell flies out.  Howard singles up the middle.  What is with the youngsters coming up with big hits in key situations while the vets go down like chumps.  David Bell, well, he flied out of course.

So I wasted $14.95 on watching an inning of baseball.  Apparently they have automatic renewals as well, so I will be too lazy to cancel and will be spending 15 dollars a month to watch one shitty Phillies game a month.  Awesome.

Trade Rumors: I started heard a rumor that the Red Sox were going to trade us Manny Ramirez, Johny Damon, Schilling and Hanley for Pat Burrell, Endy Chavez, Billy Wagner, and Jim Thome.