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A Handful of Philly Players Crack Top 50 List of Biggest Athlete Style Fails

Feb 28, 2013, 12:05 PM EDT

Andre Bynum hasn’t played a single minute for the Philadelphia 76ers, yet his presence has still landed him right near the top of Complex’s 50 Biggest Athlete Style Fails. I suppose that makes sense though, what with having to wear street clothes so frequently, an athlete is bound to choose something awful eventually. A handful of other Philly athletes earned the dubious distinction as well.

John Kruk seems like a gimme. But then again, couldn’t you have a whole entire new list for baseball players from the early 90s?

Darryl Dawkins gets picked but I don’t see the justification in this one, honestly. Dude is Chocolate Thunder. He can wear whatever he wants.

Jagr’s hair.

Allen Iverson is a tough one. A.I. was clearly a cultural trendsetter in his own right, but this over-sized suit look is pretty awful. I wouldn’t be surprised if he did it on purpose right around the time the League started making them wear sports coats.

But what Philly athletes are missing? I think there could be some ink allotted to the hat/Ed Hardy t-shirt choices of many a hockey players in this town. Throw Shane Victorino and Ryan Howard into that bunch.

Any Philly athletes stick out as being colorblind or having absolutely no sense of style?